Children Memorials

Lettering, Engraving, siteing and grave surounds, Anything Stone will take care of it all.

A memorial provides us with a focus for our personal memories, a place for you to visit and remember loved ones. Anything Stone have been striving to ensure this important process is also an easy one: listening, advising and crafting beautiful monuments. You may already know exactly what style of memorial you would like us to create. Or perhaps you would simply like to look through our site for ideas.

Either way, you can be assured of our complete care resulting in a timeless memorial.

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Odling's Appleton Childrens Memorial


Odling's Bentley Childrens Memorial

Big Ted

Odling's Big Ted Childrens Memorial

Bubble Squeak

Odling's Bubble Squeak Childrens Memorial

Cushioned Heart

Odling's Cushioned Heart Childrens Memorial

Daisy Jane

Odling's Daisy Jane Childrens Memorial


Odling's Elvington Childrens Memorial

Fairy Castle

Odling's Fairy Castle Childrens Memorial

Fairy Letter

Odling's Fairy Letter Childrens Memorial

Fairy Letter Inscription

Odling's Fairy Letter Inscription Childrens Memorial

Furry Friends

Odling's Furry Friends Childrens Memorial

Make a WIsh

Odling's Make a Wish Childrens Memorial

Marble Vase

Odling's Marble Vase Childrens Memorial

Ollie Bear

Odling's Ollie Bear Childrens Memorial

Shooting Star

Odling's Shooting Star Childrens Memorial

Sleep TIght

Odling's Sleep Tight Childrens Memorial

Tumbling Ted

Odling's Tumbling TedChildrens Memorial