Routine Care of You Dekton Worksurface

Dekton requires very little maintenance. Simply wipe your Dekton surface by using a non-abrasive sponge with soap and warm water on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and shine for years to come. In addition, any pH balanced general-purpose cleaner may be used. (e.g. Pot and Pan Soap, Dish Soap, Windex®)

Difficult Spills

To remove difficult spills, wipe the surface with Pot and Pan Soap and scrub with a Scotch Brite pad and rinse with warm water. For stains that harden as they dry, such as food, gum, nail polish, and paint, remove by gently scraping off of surface (using a blade or putty knife /putty remover), and then clean using warm water and soap. Grey marks leſt by the razor, can be wiped away with soap and water or glass cooktop cleaner. Dekton's advanced technology makes its surface extremely resistant to damaging chemicals. Difficult spots may be treated with one of the cleaners listed below. Allow the cleaner to sit for up to 10 minutes. Scrub and rinse thoroughly. For stubborn stains see below:

Caution should be exercised in the handling and storage of any of the above chemicals / products. Manufacturer's instructions should be exercised when using and storing these products.

Extreme Heat Protection

Dekton is extremely resistant to large fluctuations in heat and cold. For safety reasons we always recommend placing a trivet or a hot pad directly between your hot pot/ pan and the Dekton surface. This is simply a safety precaution for customers so they are not burned from heat which may transfer from the hot item to the Dekton countertop surface.

Chemicals to Avoid

Avoid exposing your Dekton surface to strong chemicals and solvents for an extended period of time. Although Dekton is Stain proof to many household cleaners, it is never advised to leave these cleaners on your Dekton surface for an extended period of time. Always avoid contact of your Dekton surface with Hydrofluoric acid.

General Precautions

Although Dekton is extremely scratch resistant, we always recommend use of a cutting board for 2 reasons. 1- Knives or metal household utensils will leave grey marks when cutting directly on the Dekton surface. These marks are called “metal transfer” and can be removed with cleaners as noted above; however it is a lot easier to simply cut on a cutting board. 2- Dekton can dull your knives and cooking utensils and it is wise to protect the investment that you have in these items.
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Dekton Warranty
All Dekton surfaces are covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. The surface must be installed by and approved Dekton fabricator such as Anything Stone and the installation must be registered via our website. Click here for further details or to register your Dekton surface.
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